°1981 - Ghent, Belgium
Photographer - visual storyteller
Father of two daughters

Why do people and things look how they look?
How has life shaped them?
And how, in turn, do they shape life and the world around them?

These questions are always at the heart of my work as a photographer and visual storyteller, whether I’m working with people, communities, neighbourhoods, lichens, trees or landscapes.

Over the years this has resulted in several personal projects and (socially inspired) assignments, a selection of which you can discover in the photography section.

“So the conch shell carries the snail's prochronism — its record of how, in its own past, it successively solved a formal problem in pattern formation.” — Gregory Bateson

Drawings and bots

Next to photography, I also create drawings and scrap-sculptures (bots), a collection of which you can also discover on this website.

Before focusing on photography and art...

I have worked as a teacher, journalist, copywriter, facilitator and coach. My focus? Conversations that elicit, amplify and reinforce stories about people’s resourcefulness in dealing with life’s challenges. Whether it was about urban planning, organisational development, personal development or classroom situations.

Get your own prints

Some of my work is for sale. So take a look in the shop and get your own limited edition print, signed and numbered, printed on premium quality paper and delivered to your doorstep.

Interested in working together?

Let’s get in touch, and tell me what you have in mind.

“The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Trained by

Matt Stuart (Street photography, MAPS, In-Public)
Bieke Depoorter (BE, Visual storytelling, Magnum)
Maciek Nabrdalik (PO, Documentary photography, VII Photo Agency)
Renée Jacobs, (Nude Photography)
Tim Fox (Street photography)
Yann Bertrand (Flash photography, Tell Me a Picture)
Willem Wernsen (Black and white photography)
Piet Van den Eynde (Flash and steampunk, More Than Words)
Filip Claus (Street photography, reportage and storytelling, ID Photo Agency)
Jeroen Brejou (Street photography, documentary, Wisper vzw)

Exhibitions, assignments and talks

Unwelcome Flowers: Ouverture - Solo Exhibition, BlinkHuis, Mechelen BE
Unwelcome Flowers: Prelude - Solo Exhibition, Achturenhuis, Ghent BE

Out of touch / Within reach, social artistic photography project in Nieuw Gent, Mais Quelle Chanson (in progress)
Photographer in residence, Mais Quelle Chanson, Ghent BE
Parcours Knipoog naar Van Eyck - Group Exhibition, Ledeberg BE
Readers and their favourite books - Parcours, Solo Exhibition, Merelbeke BE
Photography as a Compagnon de Route during Depression - Talk, BlinkOut, Ghent BE

Looking for Daphne - Solo Exhibition, Kaffie is Kaffie, Gentbrugge BE
Photography as a Compagnon de Route during Depression - Talk, BlinkOut, Ghent BE

The Art of Getting Lost - Talk, Chevetogne BE
Life Among the Lichens - Exhibition, Chevetogne BE
Looking for Daphne - Solo Exhibition, Little Things, Ghent Belgium

The Art of Getting Lost - Talk, partnermeeting Bond Zonder Naam, Geetbets BE
Life Among the Lichens - Exhibition, partnermeeting Bond Zonder Naam, Geetbets BE

Hannes Couvreur