Unwelcome Flowers - still life of dying tulips - by Hannes Couvreur

Unwelcome Flowers: Prelude - New Expo with Still Lives in Ghent

7 April - 28 June - Achturenhuis, Ledebergplein 39, Ghent

Unwelcome Flowers: Prelude shows a selection of Belgian photographer Hannes Couvreur’s fascinating flower still lives in medium and large format.

A series of intriguing portraits of withering flowers, in the style of 17th century still life painters. Flowers that still have a surprising beauty, even though they are well past their prime.

Hannes Couvreur chooses to portray flowers that usually no longer deserve attention. He deliberately puts the spotlight on flowers that otherwise would go unnoticed, which we would prefer to throw away.

Unlike the 17th century painters, his still lifes are no moralistic reminder of the transience and fragility of life (vanitas). Instead, Hannes invites the viewer to embrace this transience and vulnerability, and give it a meaningful place in our lives.

Unwelcome Flowers: Prelude can be seen from Thursday 7 April to Monday 28 June 2022 in the Achturenhuis, Ledebergplein 39, Ghent.

The window exhibition can be seen continuously. The works inside the Achturenhuis can be seen during opening hours (closing day: Wednesday).