And Then The Tides Turn

"Once upon a time, a real journey was undertaken. One on which the artist walked along a very real shoreline, passing through existing places, along existing dunes and existing buildings. So when these all re-appear in the pictures in this book, one may expect them to appear familiar. But more often than not, they don't. And that's because of the particular way in which Hannes Couvreur has observed, photographed and rearranged them in his book."

"Look at the way in which he pays attention to silence, detail, weathering, decay, skies, atmosphere, textures, signs of wear and tear, reflections, the transparency of windows and curtains, the chromatic differences in dunes and cairns, the patterns created by wind and water in the sand, washed-up objects, stranded birds. Notice how his pictures again and again reveal new patterns in what is supposed to be a well-known and familiar reality. If anything, this is the work of a very accomplished beachcomber. One who not only manages to collect objects, but also atmospheres, the tiny and the larger things in life, the heavenly and the earthly."

(Koen Broucke about "And Then The Tides Turn")

  • Hard Cover book
  • 224 pages
  • 218 black and white photographs
  • Texts by Koen Broucke and Hannes Couvreur
  • Book Design by David Boon and Hannes Couvreur
  • Cover Design by David Boon
  • Printed by Graphius
  • Limited edition of 100 books
  • Numbered and Signed

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"At the seaside. I am at the seaside. Walking along the Belgian coastline. From De Panne to Knokke, from south to north. I want to get to know her, that coast, that strip of land bordering the North Sea. That 67 km long stretch of land, which in my imagination, seems endless."

"Five days, it will take me five days to get from one end to the other. Five days of walking, on my own. Five days of waking up, getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed, having breakfast, packing my bag, walking to the sea and then along the water, finding a place to sleep, checking in, showering, eating, watching tv, reading, and sleeping. Five days of doing the same thing all over again. Not having to worry about where to go next or how to get there. Because there is no chance of getting lost. The ocean is on the left. The land on the right. And I am walking in between."

(Hannes Couvreur)

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