Tryptich, female crucifix, installation

Evanitas is an aesthetic and playful reflection on Vanitas (vanity) and on our roots. The work is inspired by the work of the 15th century Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck.

Evanitas invite viewers to reflect on where they came from, as well as on and how our obsession with 'becoming someone' can disconnect us from the people and things who have given us life in the first place.

At the heart of this body of work are the lichen, a mesmerising life form which for millions of years has turned the most uninhabitable places in to fertile soil for plants and animals to flourish. Lichen, in themselves, are a world on their own, a complex universe where fungi, algae and other microbiological creatures co-exist in a way that allows them as well as other life forms to flourish. Lichen are everywhere and their complexity and beauty is stunning. Yet they are easy to miss. They can survive in very harsh conditions, in spite of their fragility.

The work also questions the act of worshiping. Does it really bring us in touch with what matters, or does it result in the opposite? When do things like care, belief, awareness and faith become helpful? And when do they stop being helpful? Are we really paying attention to what matters?

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