In touch - Out of Reach

Work in progress.

What memories are most important to you? And how are these related to objects in your life?

These are the questions I talk about with the people who live in Nieuw Gent. In this neighbourhood, a lot of people live in social housing facilities. Some of the biggest towers in the neighbourhood will be torn down and replaced by more qualitative apartment buildings. Yet the number of total apartments will be diminished. These renovations will mean that a lot of people have to move. Moving and finding a home is at the core of this neighbourhood as a lot of people here have already made quite a journey before finding a place to live. Or before feeling at home at all.

Portraits will be displayed on the fences around the construction sites.

Later this year more pictures will be displayed as well as audio-snippets from interviews and other material related to the stories of the people of Nieuw Gent.

Project commissioned by Mais Quelle Chanson vzw.

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