This Little Light of Mine

When winter approaches, the days become shorter and darkness grows more prominent in our lives. At the same time, light becomes more important. Literally and figuratively.

In Nieuw Gent, a neighbourhood in Ghent, a lot of people live in social housing facilities and are facing all kinds of challenges on a daily basis. How do they find light in their lives? How do they provide light into the lives of people around them? These questions are the starting point for this second photography and storytelling project.

As artist-in-residence, I have built a temporary portrait studio in Orion, one of the housing estates that will be demolished and rebuilt in the upcoming years. People who live and work in the neighbourhood come in and get a free portrait, printed on the spot.

Since the start of this project, more than 100 people have had their portrait taken. Some of these portraits will be on display on scaffolding banners during the construction of the new housing estates.

Project commissioned by Mais Quelle Chanson vzw. With the support of the city of Ghent.

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